John Coltrane // Side Steps


I am thankful for the John Coltrane Side Steps boxset. It gives me one of my favorite stories.

On A Misty Night by John Coltrane

I have a friend named Karuna. I met her at Santa Fe College here in Gainesville. She lives in New York City now and about a year ago she worked a gala event. She said she saw Spike Lee there and a bunch of other people whose names I’ve since forgotten. They had a table of free jazz CDs and she snagged this one for me. She told me she was going to mail it to me. That sounded awesome. I love Coltrane but his catalog is so large that i never really explore it and just wait for people to give me recommendations or just give me his music straight up.

About a week later, I get a text message from someone I hadn’t heard from in probably 6 years. Her name is Christina, and I worked with her while I was in high school at the TCBY. She’s living in NYC and is a theater lighting designer from what I can tell. She sends me a message on Facebook that says “This is so weird, but I was at the post office yesterday and happened to glance in front of me and saw a package with your name on it! Are you getting something from NYC soon?“

Two Sons by John Coltrane

Now let’s think about this for a second. At the time, I only knew a couple of people in NYC. Karuna has never mailed me anything before or since. The one time that she mailed me something, she happened to be standing in front of someone else I knew. One of the only other people of the millions in New York City who knew me. And they happened to be in the same post office of the however many there are in NYC at the same time. On the same day. NEXT TO EACH OTHER. Let’s think about the chances of that happening. I WISH I had bought a lottery ticket that day because that was like a one in a billion chance!


The world is a very small place.

So a few days later, I got my CD box set, to which I will admit to still not having listened to all of, but more importantly, I got a great story out of it. And that’s why I’m thankful for John Coltrane’s Side Steps.


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